Final Depravity
FINAL DEPRAVITY is a young and aspiring Thrash Metal quartet hailing from the Ruhr area of Germany (known as the homebase of legends like Kreator & Sodom, and most vital center of today's German metal scene).

Founded in December 2007, the band came up with a highly praised 3-track demo in 2008 and shared stages with renowned acts like Sodom, Legion Of The Damned, Artillery, Mystic Prophecy and The Very End since then.

The track Veil Of Secrecy has been made available for free downloading all over the web in September 2010. Taken from the debut album Nightmare 13 (Nihilistic Empire / Twilight - Release October 15, 2010), the track features Tom Angelripper (Sodom).

FINAL DEPRAVITY played over 60 live shows since the album release with the likes of e.g. Arch Enemy, Accu§er and Warrant. The band supported Onslaught and Suidakra on the Scream For Violence European Tour (20 shows) and performed at Metalfest Germany 2011.

In June 2012, FINAL DEPRAVITY have announced Jerome Reil (son of Kreator drummer Jürgen “Ventor” Reil) as their new drummer. He takes over from Tristan Maiwurm, who left the band in January to concentrate on studying drums in the Netherlands.

FINAL DEPRAVITY will enter the studio in July to record the follow-up to Nightmare 13. The yet untitled album is gonna be produced by Sascha Risseler (a.o. The Very End, Night in Gales, Ninnghizhidda, Despise & Conquer).

Due to the bankruptcy of Twilight Distribution Nightmare 13 is currently not available, but can be streamed in its entirety on the band’s Facebook page.

The current promo-pics have been designed by Killustrations (Artworks for a.o. Dew-Scented, Nervecell, Hackneyed, The Very End and Night in Gales).

Thrash Is Just The Beginning...

Dennis "Blaze" Baron - vocals, guitar
Oliver Hey - guitar, vocals
Alex Voß - bass
Jerome Reil - drums