From the Chronicles of Nemedia it is known, that in a dark and savage age, after the oceans drank Atlantis, the Hyborian World was a dangerous and dreadful place. Warriors walked the earth among evil wizards and abominable creatures. Sinister were the times, when untamed legions were led into battle by evil sorcerers.

Hither came five heroes, barbarians, strong and dauntless. On their ongoing quest, they fought monsters, witchmasters and powerful demigods. If there was a treasure to steal, a village to raid or ghastly monstrosities to slay, they were there. Wherever the barbarians have appeared, the sky was filled with darkness and the earth drank the blood of their enemies. They have faced death not just once, side by side, sword by sword. The countless unforgotten deeds were extolled for decades.

However, it still remains a mystery, how the brave warriors have gathered and why they have disappeared suddenly. As time went by, new kingdoms have arised and many empires have decayed. With them, also the legends of the five heroes sank into oblivion.

Now they are back, stronger and grimmer than anytime before. Their blades are whetted and they are ready attack the world again!

By Crom!
We call you to arms!


King Totolva - Vocals
Virgin Penetrator - Guitars
Mandamus Dusk - Guitars
Rick Thunder - Bass
Doktharr Radiovodnik - Wardrums