CADAVER DISPOSAL was founded in autumn 2010 by Stefan &, Jörg (both former of BRAINDEAD) and Dennis (FINAL DEPRAVITY) in Duisburg / Germany. Together with drummer Torturer (BETHLEHEM / former BELPHEGOR) the three wanted to revive the old school death metal of the 90s and lead the audience back to the glorious era of bands like MASSACRE, MORBID ANGEL or DEATH.

In the late fall of 2010, the 6-track demo "Signum Gloriae" was released for free on the internet and has since then been downloaded several hundred times. With their demo-debut CADAVER DISPOSAL landed in the "Highly Recommended" sections of many blogs all over the web. A record contract with the label NIHILISTIC EMPIRE RECORDS (Duisburg / Germany) followed.

After they had released “Signum Gloriae”, CADAVER DISPOSAL immediately started songwriting for their debut album. Due to various difficulties, there were many delays, but the band always kept the idea to unleash an oldschool-album upon mankind.

In spring 2012 a new professional session drummer was found in TJ Anger (SOBER TRUTH), so the recordings came nearer.

Finally in summer 2012 the band was ready, the recordings began at AMP STUDIO Duisburg and were finished by the beginning of september.

The mixing-sessions have just begun, the finished mix will probably be mastered by none other than Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY / BLOODBATH).

Be prepared, "May all be dead" is going to kick your asses back to the 90s!


Stefan Meyerhoff – Vocals
Dennis "Blaze" Baron – Guitars
Jörg Kuchenbecker – Bass
TJ Anger – Sessiondrums