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BANE - Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness / CD 

BANE - Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness / CD
Serbian black/death metal hoard, BANE is set to release their full-length debut - Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness - later this year through Abyss Records. Recorded at Hellsound Studio in The Czech Republic, the album was produced, mixed and mastered by Honza Kapak (who played in JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG, NARGAROTH). Banes music can be easily compared to early DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL. Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness will also feature very special appearances from Jb of SVART CROWN (France), Deimoz of THE REVENGE PROJECT (Bulgaria) and Nocturnal of SHADOWDREAM (Serbia). Cover artwork (pictured above) was done by the legendary Marcelo Vasco (BELPHEGOR, OBITUARY, VADER, BORKNAGAR, GORGOROTH, SATYRICON). Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness shall contain nine tracks and will be divided equally into three chapters: Chapter I - Chaos Chapter II - Darkness Chapter III - Emptiness

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